TVB readies digital TV battle plan for launch next year

Television Broadcasts (TVB) is set for an aggressive launch of its digital broadcasting service next year according to an article on the AsiaMedia website.
TVB general manager Cheong Shin-keong is quoted as saying that the company together with Asia Television (ATV) would begin their digitised services with 14 hours of high-resolution television programmes per day by the end of next year.
TVB and ATV will work together to build the new digital network. A total of six new transmiters will be installed with twenty smaller stations to complete the full coverage of  Hong Kong.
TVB and ATV are pushing ahead despite the fact that China is still to decide which Digital Terrestrial system to adopt.
Work has been taking place on the development of a unique Chinese DTT system for several years and a decision on which to adopt is necessary by the middle of the year for Hong Kong’s aggressive plans to be achieved.
Source: AsiaMedia
Item added: 7th February 2006