TV2Go DVB-H trial ends

Singapore’s DVB-H, TV2Go mobile TV trial ended on the 30th November after operating for 18 months.
According to Singapore Digital CEO Giulio Dorrucci, the TV2GO trial has revealed a great deal about how mobile TV technology performs in high-density living environments, and the challenge of providing high-quality coverage indoors.
Dorrucci said that the timing was now right to cease the trial and to start considering the next steps towards commercial network deployment. “The TV2GO trial has equipped Singapore Digital with the all-important experience and insight into how mobile TV networks need to be designed and deployed,”
Having met the objectives of the trial Singapore Digital is now looking forward to Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) announcing their plans for mobile TV licences in the UHF band. This is expected in early 2009. “We are committed to actively participating in the licensing and development of digital TV services in Singapore,” Dorrucci said. “We look forward to the opportunity of working with the MDA to leverage our extensive mobile TV experience
Source: cellular news
Item added: 1st December 2008