TV suppliers and retailers sign-up for digital switchover

Major television suppliers and retailers have thrown their weight behind Australia’s ‘Get Ready for Digital TV’ campaign says , the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy
“The support of major television brands and retailers to carry the Government’s ‘Get Ready for Digital TV’ labels will help people to understand how simple the switch to digital TV can be”,he said.
“This is a large-scale national format change and I welcome the support of leading television suppliers and retailers to label their products as digital-ready.”
“Australians should look out for products carrying ‘Get Ready for Digital TV’ labels when considering digital switchover choices.”
Major labels now carrying the ‘Get Ready for Digital TV’ labels include Sony, LG, Toshiba, Sharp, Palsonic, Bush, Grundig, DGTEC, Strong, TiVo, Draco, Soniq, Sanyo, Beyonwiz, Digitel +, Homecast, Healing, Wintal, TEAC and Digital View. Some of Australia’s major retailers including Radio Rentals, Clive Peeters and Warehouse Sales and many members of the National Associated Retail Traders of Australia are also supporting the labelling scheme.
“The Government is motivated to ensure that people can make informed decisions when purchasing digital television equipment. People need to know what equipment is digital-ready and that making the switch can be as simple as adding a set-top-box to an existing television.”, he went on to say.
‘Get Ready for Digital TV’ labels were developed in consultation with industry and will be distributed to retail outlets across Australia over the coming weeks.
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Item added: 12th May 2009