Turkey Deploys DVB-T2

In May 2012 the Turkish natonal terrestrial license holders have established a new joint venture called Anten AS to install and manage the terrestrial network. In March 2013 Anten started a DVB-T2 trial in the city of Ankara and to test the capacity, efficiency and frequency plans for the network.

The trial included a 27 Mbps multiplex with two HD and five SD channels for indoor and mobile reception. The outdoor measurements have been completed and the indoor measurements have recently begun.

By 2015 digital switchover should be completed with 7 multiplexes that will target indoor reception in the 16 biggest citiies as well as portable outdoor reception for the rest using DVB-T2 with 64 QAM; FEC 2/3; guard interval of 19/256; FFT size of 32K; pilot pattern PP4 and the same total capacity of 27Mbps.

Date: July 15, 2013
Source: TVB Europe / Anten (Ibrahim CUCIOGLU)