Three DTT multiplexes in Mauritius

On the 5th October 2010, the Director of MBC, Mr Dan Calikhan launched the country’s third DTT multiplex. This follows the launch of the 1st multiplex in 2005 and the 2nd in 2007.
Multiplex 1 transmits the TV channels, MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, Movie Channel, TV5 Monde and DD India together with four Radio channels.
Multiplex 2 transmits the TV channels, Sports Channel, CCTV9, France 24, Knowledge Channel, DD Bharati and BBC World.
Multiplex 3 transmits the TV channels, Tourism Channel, Télugu Channel, Marathi Channel, Urdu Channel and Tamil Channel together with the Best FM radio channel.
Almost 60% of the population now own DTT Set Top Boxes.
Source: Local
Item added: 31st January 2011