Third multiplex launches soon

Poland’s third DTT multiplex will officially make its debut on the 27th October according to the state Broadcaster TVP.
In a statement issued by TVP, the broadcaster says it will carry TVP1/TVP2/TVP Warszawa, TVP Info in its regional variations, TVP Kultura and TVP Historia. All will be FTA and in SD.
TVP adds that the rollout of the third multiplex will take place in four stages. At launch, it will be available to 58% of the population in four voivodships (regions of Poland). Stage two (up to 27th April, 2011) will see its reach extended to a further five voivodships, covering 20% of their population; stage three (up to 27th October, 2011) a further seven voivodships, covering 45% of their population; and stage four (up to 27th April, 2014), when 98% of the population will be covered.
ASO will take place no earlier than mid-2012 and no later than mid-2015. In the meantime, TVP will continue to simulcast its output and offer teletext in DVB-T.
The third multiplex will, be operated by TP EmiTel, which is wholly owned by the incumbent telco TPSA.
Main source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 18th October 2010