The Netherlands becomes the first country to completely switch of analogue TV

On the night of 10-11 December 2006, the Netherlands switched off its analogue terrestrial television network. This makes it the first country in the world to complete analogue switch-off.
The process went smoothly according to KPN and only three hours was needed between switch off and getting the digital signal on the air.
The switch off means that DTT is no longer restricted to the major population areas and using the spectrum cleared of analogue TV, has been extended to rural areas.
Unlike the previous analogue service, DTT in main population areas had been brought in as a high power service so that it can be both an alternative to the extensive cable services in place around the country and be receivable on portable equipments.
To make this possible another 15 TV stations have been added to the existing 23 so that DTT coverage can be provided to 98% of the population.
Source: KPN and NU nl NET
Item added: 12th December 2006