The Future of TV might be in the box

The SABC could finally have a cure for unpaid television licences if the “Digital Television Committee” which also includes the department of communication (DOC) decides to introduce set-top-boxes that require the use of smart cards to watch TV.
Sentech and the DOC may decide that the broadcast service provider delivers free-to-air and unencrypted services but the disadvantage is that the provider has no control over who uses the service. If the service were encrypted then viewers would need to obtain and pay for a smart card which could be a new way to ensure that all users purchase a TV licence in an indirect way.
Sentech is reported to have set its DTT coverage target at 92% by 2010. Other figures to emerge are that TV households in South Africa are estimated to be 7 million a figure which is expected to increase to 10 million by 2010. It was also said that it was unlikely that any HDTV services would be contemplated until after the digital changeover has taken place.
Source: Business
Item added: 26th June 2006