The DTT future in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s state broadcaster is “digital ready” and preparing to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting in 2015 according to Sakhariyanov Kanat, the first Deputy Chairman of Khabar Agency (KA), Kazakhstan’s state broadcaster.
In an interview with ABU News, he said KA currently had a digital studio and had bought seven high definition cameras for its digital production early this year.
“Currently we are producing 65 percent of the total content. But we intend to add a few more channels and increase our in-house production as soon as we go digital completely.”
Going digital would also solve certain problems in broadcasting, for example, KA would no longer have to air commentaries in Russian and Kazakh languages intermittently during sporting events, Mr Sakhariyanov said.
KA would probably go into the digital transmission test phase in 2013, he added.
“To increase cultural programming is one of our objectives. With the arrival of digital technology at our station, we are able to achieve this more easily by expanding to more channels as well as having richer content.”
Source: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
Item added: 18th October 2010