Teracom selects equipment for DVB-T2 service

T-VIPS is to provide Teracom with a new DVB-T2 gateway and seamless monitoring switch as the Swedish transmission provider commences a partial upgrade of the DTT network to DVB-T2 and HDTV.
The CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway makes it possible for Teracom to use its existing DVB-T headend for DVB-T2 operation, protecting its original investment, and ensuring no loss of service for Swedish viewers.
The project, which commences in 2010, will deliver HD and other next generation TV services to Swedish homes
In June the RTVV licensed seven HD channels, the first of which are expected to go live in the autumn.
Source: Broadband TV News and digitaltvnews.net
Item added: 31st August 2010