Ten in running for DTT multiplexes

A total of ten companies have submitted applications to Italy’s Communications Authority (AgCom) to take part in the procedure for the award of the rights to six digital terrestrial television (DTT) multiplexes reports advanced-television.com. Five of the frequencies are for DVB-T and one is for DVB-H.
The companies applying for the multiplexes are Canale Italia, Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting, Elettronica Industriale (part of the Mediaset group), Sky Italia Network Service, Prima TV, Europa Way, 3lettronica Industriale (part of the 3 Italia group), Rai, Tivuitalia and Dbox.
The Evaluation Committee will look through the applications and by following a specific procedure, decided which companies will be allowed to bid for the multiplexes.
Existing terrestrial broadcasters (Rai, Mediaset, Telecom Italia Media) can compete for up to two multiplexes, while Sky Italia will be able to compete for only one multiplex and will not be able to offer pay-TV
Source: advanced-television.com
Item added: 13th September 2011