Teleradio develops DTT introduction plan

Baku, Fineko/ Teleradio (Production Association of TV-Radio Broadcasting & Satellite Communications of the Ministry of Communications & Information Technologies of Azerbaijan) has developed a plan for switching to digital broadcasting in the country.
“We are planning to submit it for the consideration of the Cabinet Ministers” a spokesman announced.
The Association plans to launch broadcasting of TV programs using DVB-T and coded using MPEG-4 (H.264, AVC) in Baku by late July or early August.
Services will also be extended to Ganja before the end of 2009.
The time plan for the introduction of Digital Television in Azerbaijan is in three stages: 1st stage – 2007-10, 2nd stage – 2011-13, and 3rd stage – 2014-15 culminating in ASO in 2015.
Two broadcasting multiplexes, with four channels in each, will be put into operation initially in Baku, Ganja and Nakhchivan. One of the multiplexes will be made available across the country, providing 60-70% of the population with DTT coverage.
An additional multiplex will be introduced at the second stage of the plan in order to expand digital broadcasting coverage in Baku, Ganja and Nakhchivan. As a result, three multiplexes will be put into operation and two multiplexes throughout the country. Following this, population coverage will be increase from 60-70% to 90%.
In 2013 three 12 program multiplexes are to be commissioned followed by improving coverage to 98% of the population during the third stage of the plan.
DVB-T trial transmissions were launched in Azerbaijan as a pilot project in Baku on 10 October 2004.
Source: Azerbaijan Business Center
Item added: 24th July 2009