Tajikistan Confirms DVB-T2 Adoption

The Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Tajikistan has announced the adoption of DVB-T2 for commercial digital TV services.

Tajikistan approved DVB-T2 as the digital broadcasting standard in compliance with the TeleRadiocom proposal. “The adoption of the technology standard is a crucial step towards the digital transition,” said Rahmonov Asadullo Qimatovich, chairman of the Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

DVB-T2 was chosen because it can accommodate future technology development and it can also maximise the use of spectrum to yield a greater number of TV channels. Under the 2013-16 road map, the local broadcasting industry(Tajik Electronic Co.ltd) is set to be fully digital. Rahmonov Asadullo Qimatovich, said the government fully supports the Teleradiocom broadcasting policy and the use of DVB-T2.