T-Mobile Czech Republic selects Gemalto for DVB-H rollout

Gemalto, a digital security firm, announced today (24th October) that it had been selected by T-Mobile (Czech Republic) to participate in its DVB-H pilot programme. Gemalto provides the operator with secure personal devices in the form of digital rights management card.
The technology will be tested during a two-month trial phase of the project, when T-Mobile subscribers will experiment with mobile TV and associated interactive services. The commercial launch of the DVB-H service is scheduled for 2007 and the exact date will depend on the success of the two-month trial. In the next phase of the pilot programme subscribers will be able to purchase the right to view sporting events and concerts.
Earlier this year T-Mobile Czech Republic participated in a DVB-H roaming project at the Winter Olympics in Torino. Together with Italian operator TIM the service enabled Czech visitors to watch Czech TV on their mobile phones whilst away from home.
Source: Gemalto press release and T-Mobile
Item added: 24th October 2006