Sydney movemedia Trial reveals strong consumer interest in Mobile TV

Final results from the Sydney Mobile TV trial delivering 16 television services to mobile handsets have revealed a high level of consumer interest in commercial Mobile TV. A significant majority of trial participants expressed interest in subscribing to a commercial service.
80% of trialists liked the ability to watch TV anytime, anywhere- particularly when waiting, travelling, at home or commuting. Total TV viewing increased during weekdays as a result of the movemedia service, particularly in the mornings and at lunchtime.
The trial was conducted with 375 trialists by partners Broadcast Australia Group and Telestra. It offered 10 Foxtel channels (Channel V, E!, Fox, Football, Fox Sports News, Nickelodeon, Sky news, Sky News Business, The History Channel, The Lifestyle Channel and The Weather Channel), along with ABC2, SBS, Channel Nine, CNN, Sky Racing and Boomerang.
The trial commenced on July 2005 and was transmitted on UHF channel 29 from BA’s Gore Hill facility using DVB-H technology with an ERP of 80kW. Nokia 7710 handsets were used to receive the 16 channels.
Source: Broadcast Australia press release
Item added: 11th July 2006