Switzerland begins Analogue Switch-Off

The canton of Ticino became the first region of Switzerland to switch off its analogue TV services on the 24th July 2006, when it changed to digital terrestrial television from its DVB-T transmitters.
The old analogue transmitters at Pizzo Castello, Monte Ceneri, Cardada, San Salvatore, Monte di Motti, Castel San Pietro and Intragna were finally switched off at 12.45 pm
This the first switch-off of SRG services is estimated to have effected 25,000 households in the region.
Approximately 10-15% of households in Switzerland can already receive DTT transmissions and analogue switch off is set for 2009.
Source: Tages-Anzeiger Online
Item added: 25th July 2006 (updated 4th August 2006)