Successful DVB-T2 Workshop in Delhi

The DVB-T2 Implementation workshop in Delhi, jointly organized by the ABU, Doordarshan (DDI) and DVB on 4 to 6 December was a successful event with nearly 100 participants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey. The workshop included presentations and technical demonstrations from various DVB member companies and experts.

The complete end-to-end aspects of a digital terrestrial network implementation, from encoding and multiplexing to the digital receiver were covered in the agenda. The presentations were complemented by technical demonstrations highlighting the overall transmission chain, plus local content insertion. This DVB-T2 feature and excellent support for Single Frequency Networks (SFN) were the hottest topics.

The workshop culminated with a panel conversation on the relevance of terrestrial platform verses cable and satellite platform. Chaired by Mr. Sharad Sadhu (ABU); the Director General of DDI together with the Chief Engineer exchanged ideas with DVB representatives regarding the possibility to support mobile services on a terrestrial platform, based on DVB-T2.

All participants were highly satisfied with the workshop; the presenters learnt relevant information about the Indian market requirements and the audience had intensive discussions and was further enabled on T2 technology.