Strong interest in DTT

A planned expansion of the DTT line-up in the German region Hanover/Braunschweig has attracted strong interest by German TV broadcasters.
Local media authority NLM has received six applications for the four DTT slots which are to be allocated as part of a new DTT multiplex for commercial TV channels.
According to NLM, the applications were submitted by entertainment channels Anixe and Das Vierte, Christian family channel Bibel TV, home-shopping broadcasters QVC and HSE24 and Volks.TV (V.TV), the new local TV channel planned by former RTL head Helmut Thoma.
NLM has been able to allocate an additional slot in the existing third commercial DTT multiplex and now there are five slots available for the six applicants.
The media authority says it wants to work towards the applicants finding a voluntary agreement on how to share the capacity. If no such agreement can be reached, then NLM will have to make a decision.
NLM will grant the permission to use the DTT slots at its meeting on the 24th November 2011.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 17th October 2011