Spain’s DTT industry wants state subsidies to boost sales

The Spanish DTT industry has urged the Government to approve direct state subsidies to boost the sale of DTT boxes in the country, following the example of the UK, France and Italy.
The Pro DTT Association, Impulsa, wants the Government to lead the digital migration process, which has to be completed in April 2010, by providing state subsidies, to purchase DTT boxes, adapt dishes and by collecting and giving accurate information about the DTT take-up.
The president of the Association, Jaime Castellanos is reported to have said that the lack of information is making many Spaniards acquire TV equipment that is not ready for DTT. He claimed that analogue TV sets from France, which are now not allowed to be sold in that country because they are not ready for DTT, are being sold in Spain for “lack of information” amongst consumers. “We are the stocks warehouse of other countries”.
Item added: 16th July 2007