Spain leads in DTT

Spain has taken the lead in the DTT take-up in Europe according to Tobias Martinez, General Director of Abertis Telecom, the broadcasting agency responsible for the DTT signals transmission.
He commented, “Spain is leading the DTT take-up in Europe following the sales of set-top-boxes increasing over recent months”.
According to the Pro DTT Association, Impulsa, DTT already covers 85 per cent of Spain, with a penetration of 24 per cent and an average share of 7.4 per cent.
Up to July 2007, 5.8 million boxes had been sold.
Martinez went on to say that in future the main drivers behind the development of the DTT platform would be mobile DTT, Internet DTT and High Definition.
Martinez also urged the Government to do its best to help the launch of mobile TV in the second quarter of 2008.
Item added: 14th September 2007