Solaris wins more EU-licences for DVB-SH service

Solaris Mobile now has licences for their DVB-SH (Satellite to Handheld) service in several countries including France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Finland.
Solaris is a joint venture owned by SES Astra and Eutelsat, set up to deliver mobile TV, satellite digital radio and mobile broadband to much of Europe.
An 18 year licence to operate Mobile Services in France, Sweden and Germany was awarded in May 2010, which, together with those already awarded for Finland, Luxembourg, Italy and Slovenia brings the total to seven.
These licences allow Solaris Mobile’s hybrid network to be deployed within the EU and will pave the way for a range of broadcast and broadband services including TV, radio, voice, data and other broadband services to mobile devices.
Steve Maine, CEO of Solaris is reported as saying that “In the coming months, Solaris Mobile will be engaged in setting up additional demonstration trial platforms for TV broadcasting, radio and data services in certain other markets. These activities will demonstrate the benefits of the solution offered by Solaris which include immediate satellite coverage of the area opening up new opportunities to deliver next generation broadband and broadcast services to mobile devices”.
Source: Rapid TV News 2010
Item added: 21st June 2010