Skylife, the multi-channel digital satellite service provider, showcases SkyTouch, its MHP

22th May 2003

On May 21 the multi-channel digital satellite service provider, Skylife, will showcase SkyTouch, its interactive television service.

DVB-MHP which has been successfully implemented by Skylife, is the next generation technology for interactive television services and is being developed and launched by countries around the world with special emphasis in the Europe region.


  • Offers 14 information services first, including Games, Child Education, Weather Updates, Stock Information and more
  • Enable public to enjoy the benefits of digital broadcasting with Dolby 5.1 channels and component output
  • Promote information-oriented home and guide the growth of the interactive TV market in Korea
  • Plan to expand iTV programme with additional services such as the’Experts’ TV-shoping and Polling service in the second half of 2003, and more Enhanced services in 2004
  • Target 250’000 homes that subscribe to interactive services within 2003, to eventually reach 1’250’000 homes with full iTV programme

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