SKY runs 3D tests

BSkyB announced recently that it had made the first 3D transmission to the home. During the past few months BSkyB has captured the boxer Ricky Hatton, England rugby matches, Liverpool football matches and the Gladiators revival using 3D cameras.
The broadcast was made to a standard Sky HD set-top box, but a specially modified television display made by Hyundai was required, along with a pair of 3D glasses
In March the BBC demoed coverage of the Six Nations rugby championship in the 3D format with France Telecom’s Orange Labs showing a similar demonstration at the French Open Tennis championships in May. The Czech O2 TV platform claimed to be offering its subscribers 3D content as long ago as April 2007.
It is anticipated that a number of consumer electronics manufacturers will be showing 3D equipment at the forthcoming CES exhibition in Las Vegas
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 22nd December 2008