Six-week public test of “TV in your pocket”

T-Mobile together with Radiokomunikace has launched a six-week public test of its “TV in your pocket” project, which involves DVB-H technology.
The pilot will take place in the Prague area during a six-week period form October to November 2006 and involve 250 participants. The main object of the pilot is to test the individual elements of the service as well as customers preferences and behaviour prior to the services commercial launch. The signal will be broadcast from Strahov transmitter and received mainly on Motorola phones. Altogether ten programmes will be transmitted, six of which will be free to air and the remaining four are encrypted. To view the encrypted programmes a special T-mobile SIM card will be needed which will allow users access to the programme services, which they have pre-ordered.
Source: T-Mobile
Item added: 26th October 2006