Sisvel to proceed with DVB-SIS patent pool

The companies that participated in the final meeting of DVB’s process to foster a licensing programme covering patents essential to DVB-SIS have announced that they have chosen Sisvel to facilitate the formation of a pool.

DVB-SIS, published in August 2018 as ETSI TS 103 615, allows for terrestrial retransmission of signals addressing DTH satellite receivers. SIS stands for Single Illumination System, referring to the fact that a single satellite beam can be used simultaneously for DTH and to feed terrestrial networks.

Patent pool companies

Three companies were involved as DVB’s patent pool fostering effort came to a close: ENENSYS, Nevion and TDF. They have announced that they look forward to a speedy completion of the pool and subsequent announcement of licensing terms for DVB-SIS technology.

With this announcement, DVB’s fostering effort has been successfully concluded. Other companies holding patents essential to implementation of the DVB-SIS standard should contact: