Single Illumination Call for Technologies

DVB is issuing a Call for Technologies in order to specify a Single Illumination system. Single Illumination means that both satellite receivers and terrestrial transmitters are supplied with RF signals from satellite. These can fully or partly be reproduced by satellite receivers and can entirely or partly be retransmitted via terrestrial networks.

With issuing this Call for Technologies (CfT) the responsible TM Working Group TM-T-JSI – jointly built by members of TM-S, TM-GBS and TM-T – is requesting technical proposals for such a Single Illumination system. Proposals made in reply to this Call can cover a complete solution consisting of all needed functional blocks or they can cover only parts of the entire signal provision chain in question.

Please read the attached PDF and ZIP documents for the complete details and submission process.

DEADLINE: Friday, 17th June 2016, 13:00 CET