September 30th Deadline for DTT applications

Applicants for Digital Terrestrial television service licences in Norway have until the 30th September to submit their applications.
The successful applicant is expected to  get a single concession for two separate licences by the end of 2005; a frequency usage licence, allowing transmission in the 470-790 MHz band for 15 years and a broadcast facilities licence which allows the holder to become the multiplex administrator, deciding the content of the transmissions. DTT services are expected to be ready for launch in late 2006.

The Norwegian parliament altered the criteria for switchover in February 2004 and laid down that the first digital multiplex must cover at least 95% of the population as well as the population found in the satellite shadow areas. The second multiplex must also cover 95% of the population excepting satellite shadow areas. Roll-out of the third multiplex is frequency limited and will have to wait until space is made available by the analogue service switch-off.
At present three DTT pilots in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim cover 25% of the population.
Source: Digitag August 2005 Newsletter
Item added: 23 August 2005