Sandy Heath completes ASO

On the 13th April all analogue TV transmissions from the Sandy Heath transmitter were switched off for good.
Sandy Heath had previously provided analogue TV to the counties of Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire using a power level of 1000kW erp (peak of sync). In the past few years DTT programmes have also been transmitted from the station but with a much reduced power level (-17dB) some 50 times less than that of its analogue brother.
During the switchover the DTT multiplexes were changed to new frequencies some of which are the same as those of the old analogue channels. At the same time the DTT transmitter powers were increased to their final level of approximately 180kW erp on most of the six multiplexes (-7.4 db on the previous analogue peak of sync power). The new DVB-T2 multiplex with 4 HD channels is also transmitting at the same power level.
Source: Digital UK and UK free TV
Item added: 18th April 2011