Russia Adopts DVB-T2

A Russian governmental commission has approved the use of the DVB-T2 standard for the development of digital terrestrial TV in Russia, as proposed by the Ministry of Communications. The digital terrestrial TV network is currently being tested out in the Tver region. New regional networks will be deployed under the DVB-T2 standard and existing DVB-T networks will be upgraded to the new standard.

Together with the deployment of the DVB-T2 networks, pilot zones for emergency warning systems using DVB-T2 will be set up in the following areas: Primorye (Vladivostok), Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk), Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad), Kursk (Kursk), Tatarstan (Kazan), Sochi, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

You can read the original article here or a crude Google translation here.

Stay tuned for more news over the coming weeks on this potentially massive DVB-T2 deployment.