RTL NEWMEDIA goes for MHP browser

10th June 2003

Digital TV: RTL NEWMEDIA goes for “pontegra”

The MHP browser of the Bertelsmann subsidiary Nionex will provide the digital media service “RTL WORLD TV Interactive” for TV screens in the future.

RTL NEWMEDIA has placed its confidence in Nionex know-how. The 100% RTL subsidiary will already be using the MHP browser “pontegra” for digital TV from the technology provider Nionex, a part of the DirectGroup Bertelsmann, at the IFA 2003.

Both companies have been working substantially for years towards the introduction of MHP (Multimedia Home Platform)*, the standard for digital, interactive television. RTL MEWMEDIA has been broadcasting the media service “RTL WORLD TV Interactive” over satellite since July 2002, making the company the first content service provider to offer MHP services in Germany. In turn, Nionex GmbH has specialized in browser technology and content management systems for the TV of the future and in 2002 it launched “pontegra”, the worldwide first MHP browser based on the open standard DVB-HTML.

RTL NEWMEDIA will completely convert its MHP service to “pontegra” for the IFA 2003. One decisive advantage of the open system: Both the development of new, interactive applications and the up-dating of existing contents are a lot easier. Thanks to “pontegra”, Web designers with HTML know-how can transfer contents and layout from the Internet into interactive TV without any problem. Java programming, which is expensive, time-consuming, and complex, is eliminated. This is an important step towards helping MHP to a successful breakthrough.

Download the pdf of the press release