RTÉ Appoints Director of Digital Switchover (DSO)

RTÉ has appointed Mary Curtis to the new senior executive position of Director of Digital Switchover, with responsibility for an effective transition by audiences in the coming two years to digital television using the new Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) system.
The post consolidates all the existing DTT reporting lines and responsibilities within RTÉ into a single office. The role aims to ensure that the public are enabled and encouraged to harness the new DTT infrastructure currently being put in place across Ireland by RTÉNL, by: bringing about effective public uptake of the new television transmission and reception technology; and doing so in time for the switch-off of traditional Analogue Terrestrial Television (ATT) by the end of 2012.
Under the 2009 Broadcasting Act RTÉ must establish and launch one national DTT multiplex (a section of spectrum) to provide its own and other broadcasters’ services to the public at a level of distribution aimed at replicating the level now in place for Irish licensed free-to-air channels.
Ms Curtis is currently Deputy Director of Programmes in RTÉ Television. She will take up the new post in September 2010 and will report to the Director General.
Source: RTÉ Press release
Item added: 5th July 2010