Royal Degree approves HDTV rules

The government in Spain approved the Royal Decree regulating HDTV on the DTT network on the 28th May.
The DTT HD service will use MPEG-4, H.264 compression but could use other systems in the future provided they are at least as efficient as the one initially chosen. New consumer protection rules will also come in to force within six months such that all TV’s over 21 inches must be capable of HDTV reception before they can be sold.
Companies already assigned a DTT multiplex will be allowed to broadcast HDTV services as long as they broadcast the number of digital channels specified in their licence. If a multiplex is shared by other broadcasters then any one of them will be allowed to provide HDTV services as long as the other users agree.
Conflicts, if they arise, will be resolved by the Telecommunications Market Commission, the official association regulating this market and that of telecommunications’.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 24th May 2010