Romania prepares Tender for DTT

ANACOM, the Romanian regulatory authority, has released the terms of reference for the licensing of the country’s first two DTT multiplexes for public consultation.
In the terms, the first multiplex will have to carry the public channels TVR1 and TVR2 as well as the new channels. Applicants for the two multiplexes will also have to have had a company turnover of at least €50 million for the last three years.
The selection process will take place on a points basis and successful applicants must launch services within 90days of receiving a licence.
The successful applicant for the first multiplex will be announced on the 20th September and the second, 10 days later.
The transition to digital television is to take place in stages. By the 30th June 2011 60% of the population and 50% f the territory should be covered, increasing to 95% of the population by the 17th June 2015.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 21st June 2010