Revised DVB workplan approved by SB

The DVB Steering Board has approved a revision of the DVB Workplan. It is now available for download from the Our Work section of this website.

The DVB workplan sets out information about current work items within the Commercial Module and Technical Module. It states clearly both the expected deliverables and their anticipated completion dates.

What’s in Revision 5?

Revision 5 of the workplan demonstrates that DVB is active across a wide range of domains. Within the Commercial Module, work items of note include the development of Commercial Requirements for Virtual Reality specifications and for Targeted Advertising. The latter are due for completion by April 2018.

In the Technical Module, the ongoing work items include the specification of a system for Adaptive Media Streaming over IP Multicast (ABR Multicast).

Organizations that wish to contribute to any of the work items mentioned above or others listed in the DVB workplan are encouraged to become a DVB Member and participate in the relevant CM and TM groups.