Regulator prepares for DTT licensing

The National Communications Authority (NHH) has issued its plans for the allocation of DVB-T licenses for consultation.
Eventually licenses will be issued for the operation of 5 national DTT multiplexes.
Spectrum is immediately available for 3 of the multiplexes with space for the remaining 2 multiplexes becoming available after analogue switch-off is completed at the end of 2011.
NHH is expected to allocate the DTT licenses in early 2008 with services to follow soon thereafter.
The invitation to tender for the DTT licenses is expected this Autumn, not later than 31 October 2007, and following the publication of the responses to the current consultation.
Viewers will be able to access free-to-air television services, including interactive services.
In addition, space on the second multiplex has been reserved for DVB-H services.
DTT services must be made available to 94% of the population.
Main source: Digitag
Original source: NHH website
Item added: 28th August 2007