Regulator launches DVB-T2 consultation

Sweden’s regulatory authority, Radio- och TV-Verket (RTVV), has launched a consultation on the use of DVB-T2 and HDTV over the country’s terrestrial network.
Although the authority is said to be generally favourable towards the introduction of HD services it would like The DVB-T2 standard to be introduced on a gradual basis.
Quoting Magnus Larsson, director-general of RTVV the Broadband TV item goes on to say that the terrestrial network should along with other platforms offer the services demanded by customers. “It’s about giving the terrestrial network to meet consumer demand,” said Magnus Larsson, director-general, RTVV. “Today over a third of Swedish viewers are watching via the terrestrial network. DTT should be given the chance to develop and HDTV is one of the services that is evolving.”
The consultation is open for comment until the 19th February and the results will serve as the core foundation for the licensing of further channels during 2010.
Source: Broadband TV News
Added: 1st February 2010