RAI to launch DVB-T2 broadcasts

Italian public broadcaster RAI is set to launch DVB-T2 broadcasts in almost all the provincial capitals with a new dedicated multiplex (number five).

This move follows tests conducted by RAI in Palermo and in Valle d’Aosta. The new DVB-T2 transmitters will serve the regional capitals, while the composition of the new multiplex will include Rai 1 HD, Rai 2 HD, Rai 3 HD and Rai Test 3D.

Rival broadcaster Mediaset has also been conducting DVB-T2 trials, but only in limited areas in order to test the quality of reception and any transmission problems or interference.

Europa 7 HD is the first Italian broadcaster to fully adopt DVB-T2 for its digital TV platform and the only one that markets a digital box (the 7Box HD) that is capable of receiving the DVB-T2 signals.

Italy has mandated DVB-T2 support in receivers from January 1st 2015. Two new labels (Silver T2 and Gold T2) will be introduced for DTT receivers, likely to come to the Italian market already in 2014, with T2 front-end and HEVC decoding capabilities up to 1080p50.

Source: Advanced Television
Date: 6 Feb 2013