Public Value Test for BBC HD

The HD trial being run by the BBC, on terrestrial TV channels, is to be extended from the previous June end date until November, during which time the media regulator OFCOM will conduct a Market Impact Assessment (MIA).
The MIA terms of reference and the timetable for the Public Value Test (PVT) will be published on the 21st May after which there will be a 28-day consultation period.
Seetha Kumar said earlier this year that the BBC aspired to have an HD service that would be universally available on all technically capable platforms. This included the terrestrial Freeview platform, although he acknowledged that additional capacity would need to be made available to accommodate around fiveHD channels, which research showed was the number that potential viewers found attractive.
Ofcom’s plan to auction the released spectrum, made available from the analogue switch of, has been universally criticised by those wanting HD on the terrestrial platform, who maintain that the spectrum will go to other users who have more buying power, preventing HD services on the DTTplatform.
Ofcom recently announced that the plans to auction all the freed spectrum where now being reviewed because of the outcry.
More recently the BBC trust has given the go ahead to the launch of Freesat (Free to Air Satellite) a joint venture with ITV. Over 200 channels are planned to be made available as well as HD programmes.
Main source: DTG website
Item added: 1st May 2007