Public consultation on HD/DTT opened by the CSA

Broadcast regulator CSA has decided to open a public consultation on high-definition television services on the terrestrial platform. The regulator believes that HD should be available on the DTT platform with the eventual aim of serving as the defacto television standard.
The CSA hopes that the consultation will gather the opinions of the broadcast industry on the delivery of HD/DTT services and make proposals on business models and the best use of spectrum. Responses must be submitted to the CSA by 15 February 2007.
The National Assembly is expected to review a proposed law, on the future of television, which already includes a provision for HDTV, in early 2007. The CSA would like to issue licenses for HDTV as soon as allowed to do so by law.
Source: CSA website and Digitag
Item added: 27th December 2006