PTS receives digital boost

Taiwan’s legislature has granted the local Public Television Service US$137.38 million for the construction of terrestrial digital broadcasting platform.
The budget is to support projects on high-definition TV (HDTV), Single Frequency Network (SFN), DVB-H mobile TV and digital production and origination equipment.
$85.94 million is for the construction of an HDTV transmission network, studios and post-production suites, allowing Taiwan to commence its HDTV service at the end of 2007, just in time for the Beijing Olympic Games. The new HDTV services plan to use H.264 MPEG-4 coding.
US$30.89 million was also allocated for the common transmission platform for the second Single Frequency Network (SFN).
Currently there are 1 million DVB-T receivers being used in Taiwan, comprising home STB’s, in car STB’s and PC or Notebook PC DVB-T receivers. It is estimated that home STB and in car reception accounts for 60% of units.
Five multiplexes are on air delivering 15-17 channels, some with MHP services.
It is expected that HDTV and second SFN infrastructure will be constructed at the same time, to reduce costs.
TBS will also produce mobile content and conduct DVB-H trials with both mobile network operators and handset manufacturers to test interoperability issues and interactive services.
TBS, the Taiwan Broadcasting System, is a newly formed media group bringing together the public service broadcaster PTS and CTS.
Main Source: Additional information from DVB correspondents.
Item added: 11th July 2006