Programme published for DVB World 2019

The programme for next year’s DVB World conference has been published. The structure has changed somewhat from previous years, with a detailed focus on the mornings of Days 2 and 3, plus partnerships with the HbbTV Association and 3GPP to ensure an even richer line-up of speakers.

HbbTV masterclass

The event will kick off with a pre-conference masterclass on Implementing HbbTV, presented in collaboration with the HbbTV Association. Managers, decision-makers and CTOs from the broadcasting industry will gain insights into the business benefits of HbbTV and the technology required to implement services. Anyone registering for DVB World 2019 can also attend the masterclass (for a small additional fee).

5G & DVB

Another collaboration, with 3GPP, is delivering what should be an excellent session to look in detail at the prospects for the use of 5G technology for the delivery of media services. Introduced by Samsung’s Erik Guttman, who leads a key 3GPP working group, the session will include perspectives from a vendor, an operator and from public broadcasters. 

And much more…

The opening afternoon of the event will feature a set of use cases from around the world, from DVB-T2 in France, Jamaica and Kenya, to the development of a Conditional Access system for the Indian cable market and an OTT platform for Ireland’s native sports.

A roundtable discussion on Day 2 will consider how best to create technical standards in a world where disruption seems to be the trend. Later that afternoon, a set of presentations followed by an interactive discussion will look at how media end-user devices are likely to evolve in 5-10 years and at how operators and broadcasters can get the most of out them.

Find the complete programme on the DVB World 2019 website.