Portugal to launch tender for 5th TV channel

Minister for Parliamentary Issues, Augusto Santos Silva, has announced that the bids for the two DTT tenders can be submitted up until April 23 according to advanced-television.com. The bids will be published a day later, with the DTT licences being issued by October.
The tender for Portugal’s fifth national Free-To-Air TV channel will be launched in October or 180 days after the submission of the bids on the Digital Terrestrial Television tender according to the published rules.
The new national FTA channel will be available on DTT and cable.
Santos Silva is reported as saying that the operator of the new channel will be selected “by the end of winter or the beginning of spring 2009”. The remaining frequency spectrum will be used for the launch of an HDTV channel, airing a selection of programs for existing national TV channels RTP 1 and 2, SIC, TVI and the fifth channel.
Source: advanced-television.com
Item added: 1st April 2008