Planeta worried about DTT transition

Grupo Planeta, the Spanish editorial group and Antena 3 TV’s main shareholder are worried about the direction of the new digital television market.
Planeta’s president José Manuel Lara is pessimistic over DTT viability and the designated switch over date of April 3, 2010.
Grupo Planeta previously burnt its fingers when it launched Quireo TV eight years ago. The DTT pay-TV venture failed, leaving Planeta with a big financial loss.
Rapid TV reports Lara as commenting that cities like Barcelona will soon have around 55 channels and that this is far too many to be financed by advertising which makes viable business models difficult.
Planeta proposes a change in the law, which allows many companies in the audiovisual field to broadcast using a free-to-view or pay-TV formula according to the preferences of each broadcaster.
José Manuel Lara also asked the government to change the law so the same audiovisual company can have stakes in different channels.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 20th November 2007