Patent pool developments for DVB-S2, DVB-SIS and DVB-CSA

A key element of DVB’s policy on intellectual property rights is fostering the formation of licensing programmes – or patent pools – covering patents essential to DVB standards. The aim is to deliver greater market certainty on licensing terms and enable earlier market launch of the technologies concerned.

Sisvel, a DVB Member, manages patent licensing programmes for several DVB standards. Recent developments concern DVB-S2, DVB-SIS and DVB-CSA.


Sisvel recently announced that it has completed the transfer of the licensing programme for DVB-S2 essential patents. The company is working with DVB-S2 patent owners on the terms of a relaunched patent pool, that will include facilitated licensing of DVB-S2X patents as well. 


In March, Sisvel announced the availability of a licensing programme covering the recent DVB standard, DVB-SIS. SIS stands for Single Illumination System, referring to the fact that a single satellite beam can be used simultaneously for DTH and to feed terrestrial networks.

Sisvel has also completed the transfer from ETSI of the licensing framework covering DVB’s Common Scrambling Algorithm, CSA2 and CSA3. 

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