Partial ASO in Western Piedmont

On the 20th May two analogue channels, Rai 2 and Retequattro will be switched off in Western Piedmont. This change will affect 2.9 million residents in the Turin, Cuneo and Asti regions. The final analogue switch of for the remaining channels will take place between the 24th September and the 9th October.
The switch of has been publicised widely since the 30th April, through a communications campaign led by the Consortium Piedmont DTT, which comprises of local broadcasters with support from the Ministry of Economic Development.
Viewers aged over 65 and with an income of less than €10,000 per year can qualify for a €50 coupon to use towards the purchase of an interactive DTT receiver.
Analogue switch off in Italy is planned to be completed by 2012.
Source: DGTVi website
Item added: 18th May 2009