Parisians watch TV on Mobile phones

For the last few weeks several hundred Parisians have been able to watch TV on mobile phones.
Despite channel scarcity, CSA have found the frequencies necessary for four trials to take place simultaneously. Three use DVB-H in the UHF TV band and one uses DMB-T in the VHF band.
The slight differences in coding between some participants is given as one of the reasons  why a single multiplex is not used for all the DVB-H transmissions according to the article on 01 Net .
TDF and TPS both use channel 37, while Canal+ transmits on part of an existing multiplex DVB R5 which may be used for HDTV, later in 2006.
The tests will establish how many transmiters would be needed to provide a DVB-H service for Paris although plans to do so are not yet finalised.
Source: 01 Net
Item added: 4th January 2006