Oxford DVB-H trial users overwhelmingly in favour of mobile services

UK mobile operator O2 has revealed the results of its trial of broadcast television to mobile phones in Oxford, suggesting that users were overwhelmingly favourable towards the service and the majority would consider subscribing.
The results indicate that 83% were satisfied with the service, while 76% would take up the service within 12 months.
Using Nokia 7710 phones viewers averaged three hours/week viewing time with some watching for as many as five hours.
Although the trial was a success the lack of a spectrum allocation for the service is a major obstacle. At present mobile TV has not been included in the current frequency allocations but it is hoped that this can be rectified long before the analogue switch of in 2012, when additional spectrum will become available.
Main sources: Informitv   Stuff Magazine
Item added: 18th January 2006