Ofcom to permit the use of DVB-T 8k mode

Ofcom have recently updated the UK’s “Reference Parameters for Digital Terrestrial Television Transmission”
The updated now permits the use of the 8k mode of transmission, at specified transmission sites, subject to Ofcom’s approval.
The change will help ease the digital transition which is taking place on a region-by-region basis. The UK was the first to launch DVB-T and used 2k anticipating that 8k capable chips would not be available for the launch. As it turned out 8k chips were available sooner than expected but the UK was already committed 2k. The digital switch over gives the UK the chance to correct this, bring it in to line with the rest of Europe who all use the 8k mode.
The ‘Reference Parameters’ documents is available from the
Ofcom Website

Item added: 18th September 2007