Ofcom to open consultation on BskyB’s Pay-DTT proposal

Ofcom are to open a consultation on the BskyB proposal to remove its existing free to view programs on the Freeview platform and use the space to provide Pay-TV services using MPEG4 coding instead of MPEG2.
Ofcom expects the consultation to consider the following points: – *The potential benefit of a migration from MPEG2 to MPEG4.

*The potential detriment associated with a reduction in the number of channels received by  existing MPEG2 STB’s and digital receivers.

*The risk that existing STB’s or digital televisions might be incompatible with multiplexes broadcast using both MPEG2 and MPEG4.

*The overall effect on consumer confidence in the digital switchover process.

The consultation will take place when BskyB make a formal request for a change in its licence and that of National Grid Wireless, who provide the DTT platform. After an application, Ofcom expect the consultation period to be about 10 weeks.
Source: Ofcom
Item added: 20th February 2007