Ofcom to licence ‘white spaces’

A new consultation has been started by Ofcom on the future use of  ‘white spaces’.
The consultation deals with geographical ‘white spaces’(free spectrum) that will exist between digital transmitters, and which can be used for new low power services.
These  ‘white spaces’ could be used for a range of new applications, including: new digital television services covering most of the UK, a UK region or nation; television services covering a city or a local area; services in support of programme making and special events; and possibly mobile television and mobile broadband.
With its aim of promoting competition and innovation, Ofcom will offer tradeable licences and users would be able to decide which services to offer and which technology to use.
The award of ‘white spaces’ is likely to take place in phases between 2008 and 2011 and the first opportunities will be in Carlisle, Cardiff and Manchester.
  Source: Ofcom press release
Item added: 16th June 2008